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What is the
RealFevr Marketplace?

Buy and sell
the most iconic
and everlasting football moments
in history

You will be able to trade your favourite football video NFTs.

Be part of the next digital revolution by owning a collection of unique digital collectibles.


The Dawn of Football Digital Collectibles

RealFevr brought to life what all fans have hoped for: to possess the most pivotal football moments.

Have you ever imagined owning the video collectible of Ronaldo’s first official goal? Or Casillas’ last save? What about every single moment you could possibly imagine that defined the history of football?

RealFevr’s Marketplace is your gateway to our football digital video collectibles. Proudly showcase your moments and flex those rare moments to other fans. They belong to you!

Ready. Set. Go!

All collectibles come in packs: BASIC, RARE, and SUPER RARE.

After opening a pack, the moments that collectors want to trade are posted in the Marketplace.

Within the Marketplace, fans can select a range of filters to quickly find the specific moment they are looking for, like players’ name, season, club, position, rarity, among many others.

Become a top collector as soon as you will be able to borrow and lend them. Have fun and collect as many football moments as possible!


Rarity Is Key

As we explain here, the rarer the pack, the higher the chances you will be gifted with an extremely scarce moment.

Our football video NFTs rarity ranges from COMMON, SPECIAL, EPIC, LEGENDARY to UNIQUE and depending on the moment, it may appear in one of the tiers. Extremely rare moments, like Ronaldo’s first official goal, will always be Unique, meaning that only one copy of the digital collectible will ever exist (1 of 1).

Moments Contain
Stories You Own

Video Collectibles


Each football moment contains a unique ID that can easily be verified on a public blockchain.

Player Details


Learn why each moment is so treasured by diving into the backstory behind each artist - the footballer.

First pack revenue share


Not only do these digital collectibles grant you unique football moments, but they will also award fans with in-game rewards.